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Teachers, Parents, and some caregivers all struggle with some behaviors and actions of children. Wouldn't it be nice to have a magic formula a specific bit of advise or strategy to work in all situations? Of course there is no magic formula, but it helps to remember that childrens' behaviors do not occur in a vacuum.

Instead, they are driven by basic issues or possibilities that help explain a childs actions. I believe by understanding these issues and being reflective rather than reactive will result in more positive outcomse for both myself and the child, creating in the process an atmosphere that supports and nurtures your child.
Lil Stinkers Day Home must use a positive approach to managing children's behaviour. The approach is discussed with the child's parents during the placement interview. Children's emotional health and well being are best nurtured when there is:

- respect for each child's feelings  individual and develpmental needs  and background
- a balance between an individual  child's needs and group needs
- a sense of security and trust between  us and your children
- each child is treated unique and special.

Lil Stinkers will avoid difficulties and set a climate for resolving differences by:

- Setting limits and rules that are appropriate for the child's age and ability
- explaining rules
-giving choices and helping with problem
- being firm but flexible
- listening to children's feelings and frustrations
- anticipating needs and possible problems
-recognizing differences in age, temperment and experience


when the child's behavior is not appropriate, the approach and consequences must be reasonable under the circumstances.
We will let the child know that it is the behavior and not the child that is unacceptable.

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