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My Husband and I are certified in First Aid and CPR.


Minor cuts and abrasions that happen at my day home will be washed with soap and warm water and properly bandaged.

Any First Aid treatment will be logged and I will tell you how and when the injury occurred.

If a medical emergency arises, I will try to contact you first, unless doing so dangers your child's life.

 In that case I will take necessary steps, putting the child first (calling hospital, doctor, poison control, etc.).

If need be, I will take your child to the Taber Hospital - doctor first, then try to call you when we arrive.

In the event of a fire, I will evacuate the house and gather at the post office boxes across the street on 60th Ave.

This will be practiced monthly so the children are familiar with what to do.

We will commit to follow the standards below to ensure a good emergency evacuation plan is in place.
We will:
• Maintain smoke detectors in working order outside each sleep area;
• Keep a ABC fire extinguisher in good working order in the upstairs and downstairs of the home
• Designate a specific evacuation route from all spaces in the day home where children in care may be spending time.  Each space needs to have 2 exits.
• Visibly post a floor plan indicating exits
• Designate an outside meeting place and emergency accommodation addresses
• Ensure parents know this information from the first day of placement and keep information current at all times;
• Discuss and practice evacuation procedures with children where appropriate
• Record monthly fire drills
• Post 911 (fire, police, ambulance) and Poison Control numbers by each phone in rooms used by children in care



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